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'Wheels of Fury' add-on for Sleeping Dogs out now

6:30 PM on 02.28.2013

Harry Monogenis


Cause havoc with a weaponized supercar

The Wheels of Fury add-on for United Front Games' Sleeping Dogs has now launched, providing players with an insanely badass-looking supercar with roof-mounted machine guns, four-wheel steering, and an EMP pulse weapon.

However, your supercar won't start off with all those fancy features; Wheels of Fury also comes with five new missions to bite into, and with each mission you complete you'll unlock a new upgrade for your car -- sounds quite fun.

Wheels of Fury is available on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and PC for 320 Microsoft Points or $3.99, respectively. For those downloading Wheels of Fury on PC/Steam, be aware that there is no Russian-language support for it; if you're playing Sleeping Dogs in Russian, the DLC will not launch unless you change the language.


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